When It Just Works

Susie emailed me early in the week to discuss a holiday themed Simple Offering photo session with her kiddos when her daughter came home from college.  It all just worked out – their schedule, my schedule, the weather… We got their session shot, edited and turned around in four days which might be a record.  I love it when things are […]


Dalton is a senior at Newberg High School.  He’s also good friends with my son Grant.  They have played water polo together for the past four years and started working together last year.  When they aren’t in the pool training or at the job site working, you’ll probably find them at Taco Bell, Shari’s, or hanging out at one of […]

the Williams’

I met Lisel at the gym years ago, but we bonded at the Mabel Rush Elementary School Spring Carnival.  Our families sat at picnic tables eating cold hot dogs and talking about our shared love of the Chicago Cubs.  They even named their dog Wrigley for Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play their home games.  It’s been fun see each […]

the Booth’s

The morning of the Booth’s photo session was unseasonably cold.  Their little girls were such troopers and had fun exploring the park where we shot the session in spite of the cold.  Hanging out with such a fun family was a great way to start a beautiful day.  Merry Christmas Booth Family. #jodistilpphotography #familyportraits #fall #familyoffour SaveSave SaveSave

Two times two

The Miller twins are two.  Two times two equals a ton of non-stop movement, big emotions, and fun. It’s so fun to see the world through a young explorer’s eyes: awe and wonder at things we take for granted.  We could learn a little something from these precious kiddos.  This year we added Grandma and Grandpa to the Crazy Party […]

Why We Love the Stewart’s

Our family LOVES the Stewart family for just a few of these reasons. The Stewarts are: Fun. Kind. Generous Hard working. Talented – every time we’re around them we discover some new skill or talent they have. Godly. Amazing parents. Madly in love which is always so refreshing to see in a marriage. And we get our Christmas trees from […]

Ducks Fans

My friend Jenny has been such an encouragement and support to my business.  I love being the photographer she calls for special moments in her life.  This fall I photographed her with her extended family. Her parents are big Oregon Ducks fans so we had fun switching into Ducks paraphernalia after the more traditional portraits.  Merry Christmas Hagglund’s! #jodistilpphotography #familyportraits […]

the Dickenson’s

I was so happy when Alicia called to book another Dickenson Family photo session.  Our kids have grown up together and it’s fun to see them all morphing into mini-adults.  Plus they are just straight up fun.  They laugh freely and do a lot of joking around.  Grandma Maggie earned the Grandma of the Year award when she let Grant […]

Foggy Fall Morning

Fall in Oregon is unpredictable.  You never know what you’re going to get.  When I left my house to drive to the Moyer’s photo session it was bright, beautiful sunshine.  I crested a little mountain and drove right into thick fog that didn’t lift for miles.  Thankfully the fog adds mystery and beauty to portraits and we were able to […]

the Fisk’s

Every year I look forward to the Fisk’s phone call to schedule their family photo session.  They are in an exciting season in life with so many changes.  And yet some things remain the same.  Junior comes to every photo session.  Brent and Laura’s love for each other grows each year.  Henry gets cuter by the day.  It’s a fun […]