Meet Jodi


Hi there. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Let me introduce myself.

I have always been The Girl with The Camera.  In high school I was the student body Reporter.  In college, my photo of Mexican orphans was published in the campus magazine.  Once I got married and had babies, my family became the constant subject in roll after roll of film.  After the earthquake, I served as team photographer on a life-changing trip to Haiti.


Photo courtesy of Shayla Renee Photography

Life just seems richer, deeper and sharper with a camera around my neck.

It wasn’t until I watched my camera careen over the top of a mountain and shatter into pieces on the rocks below that I realized the giant role photography plays in my life.  Being without a camera felt like I was missing a limb.  Once I replaced my equipment I launched Jodi Stilp Photography LLC.  Beauty from ashes.  What a fun adventure it’s been!

I shifted my focus from photographing only landscapes to bringing out the exquisite beauty of people.  Seeing families, high school seniors, couples, and spunky kiddos come to life through my images brings me great joy.

Photo courtesy of Shayla Renee Photography


If I’m not behind the camera and I have free time, you’ll probably find me running or hiking.  Running is my happy place – a stabilizing force in the organized chaos of life raising four active children.  I’ve run a minimum of a mile every day since July 9, 2015th and so far haven’t gotten sick of it. Oregon is a nature lover’s paradise and I love to take advantage of every opportunity to play outside.

I love lazy mornings in my PJ’s with my Bible and massive amounts of coffee, or unwinding at the end of a busy day with a glass of wine and quiet conversation with my husband.  Some day I’d love to write a book, but for now I write articles about life, faith, family and fitness as time allows.  I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for or imagine.

I’m crazy in love with my extremely funny and super kind husband Curt.  He’s my favorite.  We have four loud, fun, compassionate, energetic kids, and an unexpected second family in the form of The Big’s – our crew of quasi-adopted adult children.  Being their mom makes me a better, stronger woman. 

Photo credits: Nanci Staley of Nanci Imagery

Jesus is the source of my joy, my strength, and my hope.  His love changed my life forever.  Life is not always easy, but it is good.  Beauty is everywhere – especially in the ordinary – and I love to capture it. 

So that’s me in a nutshell.  Capturing beauty in the daily grind. 

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